63 FAQ of Led Strip Light

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This post is for FQA of led strip lights.We have summary many questions from client and give an answer,Hop this post can help our client.

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This article is listed below:

1.How many lumen per led chip you use for your flexible strip lights?

Lightstec now use chips as following:

SMD3528 7-8LM@20MA
SMD5050 20-22LM@60MA
SMD2835 22-26LM@60MA
SMD5630 50-60LM@150MA
SMD3014 8-10LM@30MA
SMD2216 9-10LM@30MA

You can check some report here: Catalog & Report

6 kinds of led

2.How is the color rendering index for your led chip?

Lightstec normally use RA>80 led chips.

We also have RA>90 led chips which is for high level project used.And we have RA>70 led strip light.

For the price RA90>RA80>RA70.

Now more and more high quality lighting projects are using RA>90 led strip light.

Now RA>90 chips we have SMD3528 LED,SMD2835 LED and SMD5050 led chips.

You can check some test report here: Catalog & Report


3.How many kinds color temperature you can offer?

Ultra warm white 1900-2100K

Warm white 2400k,2700k,3000k,3500k

Nature white 4000k,4500k

Cool white 6500k,7500k

Ultra cool white 8000-10000k,12000-15000k

Color led chips:

Red,Yellow,Amber,Green,Blue,water blue

what color temperature we can make

4.What kind of waterproof index can you offer?

IP20/33: Non-waterproof
IP55:Silicon glue covering on the surface
IP65: Silicon tube
IP67:Silicon tube with silicon glue inside fitting


5.What kind of led chips do you use for your led strips?

Lightstec now only use Epistar chips.That can make sure our led strip light in good quality.

6.Can you keep the color temperatures the same in all order?

Lightstec have production record and always keep the same bin color temperature to our customers.

In this way ,you can use the led strip light in your project and not need to worry about the color change.

7.Can you design pcb board for custom-made?

Lightstec have our own engineer team.

Whatever flexible strip pcb or rigid strip pcb,our engineer team can design PCB files for customers in the first time.

We welcome all OEM and ODM orders from all over the world.

lightstec-panel-led-pcb Custom-made led pcb

8.Do you check led strip ageing test?

You can check how we control our led strip light quality here: Quality Control

Ageing test is a very important quality control process.Normally we need to do the ageing test 8 hours before packing.From the ageing test,we can avoid the led chip dim light,flashing,fault,dead led and lack of soldering.Good quality led strip light factory are doing ageing test.

Range of ageing test including color temperature inspect,voltage inspect,current inspect,wattage inspect.We have 100% ageing test of all our led strip lights.In this way,we can keep all of our led strip light in good quality control and using in many star level hotels,Westin Hotel,Shangri-La,Hilton hotel,Holiday hotel.

9.What is difference between DC12V led strip lights from DC24V led strip lights?

From the pcb board,we can see DC12V and DC24V led strip light in different electric circuit.

DC12V led strip light,it can cut every 3leds in series.Different kinds led strip light,the cutting length is different.For example: SMD3528-60LED/M-12V,it can cut every 5cm,SMD3528-120LED/M-DC12V,this can cut every 2.5cm.

DC24V led strip light,it can cut every 6leds in series.Different kinds led strip light,the cutting length is different.For example: SMD3528-60LED/M-24V,it can cut every 10cm,SMD3528-120LED/M-DC24V,this can cut every 5cm.

For voltage drop,because the same length,the voltage is the same.So for every pcs led chip voltage,DC24V voltage drop per chips is half than DC12V led strip light.So many projects are using DC24V led strip light.In this way ,they can connect longer length.Normally DC12V we suggest 5meter length,DC24V we suggest 10meter length.

DC12V led strip light is convenience using in cars,because the car battery normally is DC12V.You can see many cars are using led strip light for decorate.Very beautiful in night.

10.Where led strip light 12v using?

Lightstec high quality led strip light have SMD3528, SMD5050,SMD2835,SMD3014,SMD5630 led strip light series.Our led strip light factory offering Ra>90 led strip light for many star level projects all over the world.

DC12V led strip lights are very popular and use widely in hotel,airport,house,shopping mall,restaurants,above the roof of bar,clubs,discos,spas.There many place can use the high quality led strip lights.

Lightstec offering you high quality 12v and 24v led strip light in different length.You can check all of our led strip light here :LED STRIP LIGHTS

11.How to use solder to connect led strip light?

We know we can use fast quick connector for led strip light to strip light connect.It is a easy for connect the led strip lights.But sometimes,the project need make sure not problem for long time.So soldering is the best way for choice.

First,you need to prepare a soldering iron,the wattage better approx 60W.The iron need to can have temperature adjustable function.The iron better using a rosin to clear the tip of solder gun.

When the soldering iron temperature reach 350+/-10℃,tin the cable with solder.

Second step is soldering a little tin to the copper dots of your led strip light.Not apply much tin on the soldering dot.

Once you tin both the cable and the copper dots on the led strip light pcb.Now you can mate them together.Individually place the wire to the copper dots and then place the soldering iron over both in order to heat up each solder enough to melt and become one.

Be sure to hold long enough for aging time. Once dry, connect your freshly soldered LED Strip to a proper power source and test your connection. Use a heat gun to shrink your heat shrink to protect your solder joints and then test one more time.

12.What is the best glue material for led strip light?Epoxy glue?PU glue?Silicon glue?

Now there 3 kinds of glue using in led strip lights.Epoxy resin glue,PU(polyurethane) glue and silicon glue.

What is the different between this 3 kinds of glue?

Epoxy resin glue is widely using in the market.Low price,good waterproof,low toxicity.

Epoxy resin glue weakness,yellow turning easy,not good for heat dissipation,not good for low temperature.If we using epoxy resin glue for led strip light,when the temperature below 0℃,it will become very tough,not flexible and easy damage.Not easy for working in low temperature area.

The PU (polyurethane) glue is better than epoxy resin glue because of its good Yellow degeneration resistance, good Low temperature resistance.

However, its price is higher as well as the toxicity.When solidify the PU glue, it will lead to some low molecular compounds,which is toxicity , it is bad for health when workers inhalation.

So it is not better to operate in workshop,That’s why it has less share on the market .

Silicon glue,it including the all advantages of PU glue and epoxy glue,which with good heat resistance,good low temperature resistance,good yellow degeneration resistance and low toxicity .The glue will not change yellow for use a long time and also good smell .

Now most of suppliers are use this silicon glue for led strip light,and more high quality led productions, which  are think highly of by the customers.

Lightstec offering the silicon glue covering flexible led strip light and rigid strip light,which is in high quality,long lifespan,our products are popular in Europe and America market.If you want to get sample for test,welcome to contact lightstec by mail!

13.What kind of pcb board do you use for your led strips?

Lightstec use 2 ounces copper pcb board at least.We now use the prb from the biggest led pcb board factory in China.FZDpcb. That can make sure our pcb board in good quality control.All of the pcb have UL approved.Then you can use our pcb for all lighting projects.

14.How to control quality of led strip light?

Test Information as below:

1.Before use led chip,we will put them into oven,to make sure the led chip dry.In this way to reduce the damage rate of led .

2.After solder the SMD led chip on PCB board,we will test it before put it on the he re-flow soldering machine.

3.After connect each 0.5m to 5m per roll, we will test again.

4.We will test it again after soldering the led connector on it.

5.8 hours aging time before the shipment.

15.How to choose the right led connectors?

How to choose led connector for led strip light.now let’s learn something about this .
As we know,the led strip light has 3528 and 5050 model,they has 8mm width pcb and 10mm width pcb,so when choose the connector,the width must be fit well.
Normal when we production the led strip light,we will make DC connector in female type at the end of strip,so that it can connected with the led power supply dc male end connector.
We also supply many kinds of led connector for led strip light.when you cut the led strip light, and want to connect 2 pcs cut led strip together,you can use this connector.Single color led strip light connector:
If you just want to cut the led strip and connected a small length, you can use one end connector .

16.What is the difference of SMD3528 led strip and SMD5050 led strip light?

Do you know what’s the difference for the 3528 led strip light and 5050 led strip light ?

Led chip size: 5050 led strip light use led chip size in 5mm *5mm,and have 3 chips in one led.SMD3528 led strip light use led chip size in 3.5mm*2.8mm,one chips inside led.The chip size of 5050 is bigger than 3528,so normally,it will brighter than 3528.

PCB width:5050 led strip light use the 10mm width pcb,3528 led strip light use 8mm width pcb

Luminance: We often make 5050 led chip in18-20 lm per led,while 3528 led chip in 7-8lm per led .

Led power: 5050 led chip is about 0.24w per led,3528 led chip is 0.08 w per led.So the power of 5050 is higher than 3528,it is also a reason why 5050 is brighter than 3528 .

Led Quantities of per meter:5050 led strip is normal make 30leds/m strip led,60leds/m strip led,120leds/m double row strip led.3528 is make 60leds/m strip led,120leds/m strip led,240leds/m double row strip led.

RGB color construction:5050 led chip rgb is 3 chips in one led,there are 3 chip rgb led one group.So when use controller to change ,it can make the whole strip in the same color .red color , or blue color … while 3528 it is 1 chip in one led,so its rgb color is 3 single color led chip one group , it is red , green , blue circulation, it can’t change the whole strip in a same color.


17.Why the led strip light don’t working?

I think many people will met a problem,that is the led strip light led die.Means that the led strip light can’t light up and doesn’t work.This problem usually happen on 5050 led strip light.now let’s analyze the 3 reasons why the led strip would die and what solution for that .

1.High Temperature damage.
The led strip light heat-resistant is not very good,So if not control well the  soldering temperature and soldering time during the process of production,the led chip will damage because of the ultra-temperature.

So we must strict control the reflow soldering and soldering iron temperature.Make specialist management.Soldering pen installed temperature control, which can prevent the solder iron temperature to burn out the LED chip.

2.Electrostatic burn out.
LED is a kind of static-sensitive device. If not do well in electrostatic protection, it also will burn out the led chip,so we must enhance electrostatic protection .the workers must wear anti-static glove,all production Tools and equipment must be grounded lead.

3.Moisture Burst in the high temperature

led encapsulation will get wet if expose in the air for a long time. so if not make SMT before use, when the led strip on reflow soldering,it will because its high temperature lead to the moisture heating expansion, then burst , which cause the led chip damage by the high temperature.
Solution:led chip must storage in the environment that constant temperature and humidity, the not used up led chip must place into the  80 ° of oven bake for 6 ~ 8 hours in the SMT process before you use them.In this way , can ensure the use of leds would not moisture.

18.How to Install led strip light?

Let's talking about how to installation led strip light .

For indoor installation:
It is easy to installation.Lightstec is China led strip factory,offer installation guide for it.Non-waterproof ip20 led strip is good for indoor, there is a 3M tape sticker on the back , you just need to tear off the sticker then put led strip to the place where you want to install .then make it sooth by hands. But when install at the corner or over length, what should we do?It is easy,as we know that 12v led strip light is 3 leds cuttable .So we can cut them out for extra use .

For outdoor installation:
We will use the ip65 or ip67 , ip68 waterproof led strip light to protect from wind and rain. so if we install them by sticker , it can’t fasten for a long time. then what should we do ? we can use the clips to aluminum case to make it fasten.for the connection point , we also need the waterproof glue to seal.

Lightstec offering the led strip light is DC 12V , so just need to work with AC switching power supply. The power of supply power will depend on the led strip light power and connected length.If connected in series, the best connection length Lightstec suggest is , one power supply work with 5 meter led strip. But if you don’t want to light up every 5 meter use one power supply , you can choose a big power watt led power supply , then all led strip light connected in parallel.In this way , you can control all led strip in one power supply. You can choose the fit connection way by yourself.

About how to connected led controller with RGB led strip light .We know that different controller have difference control distance,the simple controller,control distance is 10-15m,remote controller,its control distance is about 15-20m. Normal , one controller can controller 5-10 meter led strip light . as we know the led strip has voltage drop , so if you want to controller the led strip length over 15 meter,you must need to add the amplifier to support the signal transfer. also need extra power supply to support the amplifier. it seems complex, but it will sample when you do it .

19.How to choose a high quality led strip light?

There is all kinds quality and price for led strip light in the market , so how to choose a high quality led strip light ? Lightstec as a china led strip light supplier help you to distinguish this products:
1. PFC
The PFC has 2 kinds :Rolled copper and laying copper plate.the rolled copper is better. the PFC has double-sided board and single sided board, the double side is better for cooling .Lightstec offer the led strip light with rolled copper with double-sided board , with Outstanding bending proof performance.
2.LED chip.
there are many brand of led chip , the Epistar is the Taiwan chip ,we also use this chip.for 5050 led chip have 3 chips and 1 chip , Lightstec supply 5050 3 chips led strip light, it will brighter than 1 chip , and have longer lifespan.For 3 chip , if one of chip doesn’t work , the whole led chip is can light up.while 1 chip , if one doesn’t work , the whole led can’t light up.
3.LED color:
When we choose a good quality led strip , we must make sur